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Prism Parenting: Looking at Behavior in a Different Light

Sep 29, 2019

I grew up in a home with one TV and no cable. I remember getting our first computer and playing DOS games like Commander Keen and Prince of Persia! It wasn’t until I was married that I sent my first text message. All that to say, the world that my kids are growing up in sure is a much different one than I grew up in....

Sep 23, 2019

Truth be told, I’m fundamentally against homework in the elementary years. There’s just a lot of evidence that it’s not helpful. The only exception to this is daily reading. Unfortunately, if your child is in a traditional school setting, most likely there is no escaping homework. More than that, it’s something...

Sep 16, 2019

One of the most popular episodes in the podcast so far was when I took on the topic of defiance, so this week we will take a second look. 

Sep 9, 2019

No parent ever says to herself or himself, I want to enable my kids and be a helicopter parent. So why is it so hard these days to encourage our kids to be independent? How SHOULD we raise our little humans in order to help them to grow into the independent adults we hope they will become?! This week I will break it...

Sep 4, 2019

It’s finally here!  Today is a special day because I am debuting two things I have worked SO hard on, and I just know that they will be helpful to many of you moms and dads out there. What exactly am I talking about?! Tune in and find out.